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Trigger was founded by awarded designer Gregory Anderson. Gregory says "Trigger's objective is to partner with its clients and co-consultants to develop innovative, high quality creations, and along the way create a positive, memorable experience for all involved. Our focus on being both project leaders and team players has resulted in long-term relationships and repeat projects with our clients. We specialise in design that resonates in contemporary culture. We understand context, address the subtleties of communication and constantly question relevance. We do not create work with a signature style nor do we follow the latest trends - rather we prefer to solve each creative problem on its own merit, developing solutions that have a timeless appeal but also a synchronicity. At Trigger we have a passion for what we do and the objective of bringing intellectual rigour, cultural enrichment and crafted detail to each project in order to develop high quality and sustainable design solutions that appropriately reposed to their sense of place, culture and the brief."


We begin each project by listening to our clients. Our goal at this stage is to absorb as much information, feelings, thoughts and ideas as possible from our clients as crucial ingredients to understanding essential needs. As well as listening we research, question, we ask and we hypothesise to draw out required detail and quality of content. We do not bring preconceived ideas to this stage.


Content from the absorption phase is analysed and synthesised to reveal truths about the project. Engendering understanding at this stage is crucial toward developing a detailed and coherent brief. The brief forms the the design intent for future stages, providing the bedrock that the outcomes of the project can be tested against.


Our idea workshops realise a series of possibilities for each project. This is a time for thinking, creativity, experimentation and innovation. Each direction is rigorously tested to ensure it has the perfect tone and that it answers the brief. Possibilities are clarified, filtered and presented for feedback. Development and refinement of concepts is achieved in partnership with our clients.


As well as our strengths in generating and developing concepts we also understand that delivery is absolutely crucial. Without firm follow through projects do not succeed. We ensure that our supplies are reliable and produce results of the highest quality to compliment the ideas, intent and calibre of the project and our client.

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