Entry Foyer Redevelopment

National Museum of Australia museum environmental
The National Museum of Australia briefed Trigger to revitalise its entry experience. The space, called ‘The Hall’, is a soaring, ‘football field’ sized space, designed by Architects ARM. The main challenges of the space were to de-clutter and rationalise existing displays and create a compelling arrival experience befitting an institution of this stature. The demands of the project include: creating a compelling sense of arrival, evocation of Museum themes and stories, solutions for a multi-use entry/exhibition/function space, increasing amenity for entry requirements and security, accentuating views to the landscape, using design to contribute to a constantly refreshed and evolving exhibition program, object display in a naturally lit space, enhancing and honouring complex geometric architectural building forms, and improving circulation, orientation and wayfinding.

The approach for this multi-use spatial project was holistic, immersive and layered. A unique spatial and graphic language was developed to create a dramatic arrival experience with impact and gravitas but also one with surprise and humour, is extremely memorable, resonates with the visitor and generates further thought, investigation and action by the visitor. The Trigger team created modular concepts, thematic design and digital opportunities and identified ‘icon’ objects. Curatorial depth is enhanced through the communication of different narratives simultaneously, and incorporation of diverse exhibition display techniques, addressing different learning styles, across 2D, and multi-media platforms.

This project is at fabrication stage and will be revealed later this year.

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