Novartis Headquarters Interior

Novartis private environmental
A series of environmental and digital graphics, created by Trigger, activate Sydney’s new Novartis campus for employees and visitors.
The suite of decal and digital screen designs create a cohesive look and feel across the six levels of the building, from the entry point to the meeting rooms to the exterior spaces.
The design approach was to create a space that is harmonious to work in and can be ‘lived with’ for a long period of time. The approach also complements the curved architectural forms and materials used and the open and industrial feel of the interior.
The ‘cloudfield’ graphic, derived from cloudscape images, represents organic, human qualities and reflects the key brand qualities of ‘caring and curing’. The cut out circles layer represents the ‘scientific’, derived from molecular structures and kinetic atoms, reflects the research and medical charter of Novartis.

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