2017 Venice Biennale

Australia Council for the Arts arts branding / identity
Trigger, in association with designer Rebecca Anderson, created the brand design for 'Tracey Moffatt My Horizon', Australia's representation at the 2017 Venice Biennale. The project includes applications to exhibition, print and digital. We worked closely with the artist to develop the brand identity to ensure it communicates the intention of the exhibition. It is an amazing privilege to work with one of Australia's most prominent artists and create a visual identity that captures the essence of the artwork displayed. At present the suite of brand material is under embargo, with only the logotype released. Trigger is travelling to Venice soon to install environmental graphics and signage in the Australian pavilion, designed by DCM Architects (opened 2015). The exhibition opens in May 2017, where upon the full suite of brand material will be launched and shared globally.

The photograph features Tracey Moffatt speaking at the Australian Launch functionf or the 2017 Venice Biennale, Carriageworks, Sydney, 23 March 2017.

Amicus Sydney

Amicus private branding / identity
Each year an event for top financial planners - a group know as 'Amicus' - is held. Trigger's "Paper Scissors Rock' concept communicated dual business and social messages and involved the creation of bespoke paper sculptures. For business a clean sheet of 'paper' is the starting point for a visionary, 'scissors' symbolise 'making the cut' and 'rock' symbolises strength and security. For the social events each of the three themes was given a fun twist. Photographs used for each invitation were 'teasers' for each event. An image of diamond constructed from paper gave delegates and their partners clues for the final secret event where they were invited to try on precious stones and pose for a fashion photographer at Cerrone Fine Jewels. Trigger strategised, conceptualised, designed and produced all printed items including programs and invitations, and wrote all copy connected with the theme. The event was a major success, the concept capturing the imagination of all involved.


Toland architecture branding / identity
Toland Architectural Design Partners engaged Trigger to work with strategist Penny Bowring to reinvigorate its brand. The project involved a name change, significant evaluation and restructuring. The emergent new brand has a focus on partnering with clients and other experts in their fields. The design of the logotype incorporates an ampersand (&) to highlight the importance that partnering has to Toland. The new brand has capitalised on the business's strengths, enriched confidence and has contributed towards business growth.

The 80s are Back

Powerhouse Museum museum branding / identity
The brand identity Trigger conceptualised for ‘The 80s Are Back’ referenced quintessential 80s motifs and made them relevant for a contemporary audience. For instance, the campaign embraced graphic elements from the Powerhouse Museum’s former logo, designed in the 80s, as well as other 80’s touchstones. Trigger named the exhibition, conceptualised and art directed all photography and illustration. Trigger created 5 archetypal characters that featured in the exhibition as life-size moving projections and were utilised through out the marketing campaign. Campaign collateral and tasks extended to copywriting, environmental design, print and web graphics, merchandise design, staff uniform design and design of iphone applications. The brand identity for the marketing campaign dovetailed with the exhibition that Trigger also designed, in association with Toland Architects. The presence of Trigger over all exhibition and marketing design, and its unique collaborative relationship with the Powerhouse Museum, helped to create a compelling brand experience. The exhibition was extended three times due to popular demand.

Monet and the Impressionists

Art Gallery of New South Wales arts branding / identity
Trigger was commissioned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales to design promotional material for its major Summer 08/09 exhibition – ‘Monet and the Impressionists’. The shimmering light and myriad of colours that define paintings of this period inspired the design. A dual cool/warm colour palette was used to ensure the design complimented any artwork used for marketing purposes. The campaign encompassed citylight posters, banner and a range of advertising and printed collateral.

16th Biennale of Sydney

Biennale of Sydney arts branding / identity
Trigger created a very successful and highly visible campaign for the 16th Biennale of Sydney in 2008, one of the largest and oldest art biennales in the world. Trigger worked closely with the Artistic Director to ensure the visual identity communicated the themes of the exhibition, and the Biennale marketing department on strategy and production. The marketing campaign targeted the ‘general public’ and ‘art lovers’ markets respectively with specific messages in a cohesive visual campaign. Trigger designed and rolled out all outdoor and advertising, brochure, publications, books and invitations including a special preview publication for the Venice Biennale. Trigger designed press advertising in a national campaign which included The Sydney Morning Herald, The Weekend Australian, The Monthly, Time out Sydney and many international arts publications and consulted on the design of the website. Trigger also created environmental graphics across all Biennale site such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Cockatoo Island, The Botanic Gardens and Artspace as well as street banners and posters.

Marc Newson: Design works

Marc Newson & Powerhouse Museum museum branding / identity
Trigger worked with iconic Australian designer Richard Allan to develop the visual identity for the Powerhouse Museum’s exhibition ‘Marc Newson: Design Works’, a retrospective of the famous designer’s work. The design features a profile portrait of Newson against a background of stars, referencing the designer’s reputation as a design ‘rock star’. Trigger was responsible for developing and applying the identity across all areas of environmental, print and advertising. Trigger also designed all exhibition graphics including a 20 metre graphic feature wall which charts Newson’s journey through his sketches and landmark design achievements.

Shear Outback Museum

Shear Outback Museum museum branding / identity
Trigger was commissioned to re-brand Shear Outback Museum to provide a more lively and contemporary feel without losing its rural characteristics. The original identity was refreshed with typefaces referencing wool bale stenciling, ledgers and log books. Trigger provided the museum’s promotional copy writing strategy. The identity was applied across all collateral of the museum including tickets, brochures, flyers, website and digital. The entry experience was enhanced with: clear signage explaining the museum’s charter, advertising for a temporary show and orientation for visitors. In tandem with the design of the museum brand, a Trigger designed the visual identity for the ‘Shear Strife Sound and Light Show’, a special evening show in the grounds of the museum.

Powerhouse Museum Tourism

Powerhouse Museum museum branding / identity
Trigger created the Powerhouse Museum tourism brand - targeted at families with children. The premise of the brand is that the Powerhouse Museum is a place to ‘be inspired’. The wonder of the museum is inspirational to children and adults alike. The gatefold brochure graphically explains this as the image of the child transitions to the image of the adult. The ‘+’ in the museum’s logo is a graphic symbol representing inspiration. Trigger cast and art directed photography and applied the design across brochure design, complimentary tickets and print advertising among other media.

Alliance Française Sydney

Alliance Française Sydney private branding / identity
Trigger rebranded Alliance Française Sydney to better reflect the nature of the organisation and the services it provides. The floating ‘ribbon’ graphic is a metaphor for sound and voice and communicates that the organisation is intrinsically about language. The colour scheme is unmistakably French. The contemporary and dynamic aesthetic of the new brand is in line with Alliance Francaise Sydney’s headquarters in the newly built Harry Seidler building, and one that helps increase the appeal of the organisation among younger people. Trigger has applied this brand across stationery, brochures, invitations and consulted on design of the website.

Outback Theatre

Outback Theatre for Young People arts branding / identity
Outback Theatre for Young People (OTYP) is a vibrant organization that engages rural youth in all aspects of theatre. Trigger’s identity design reinterprets the rural cliché earth colour, many associate with the Australian outback, as a fun and lively fluorescent orange, reflecting the joy and energy of OTYP. The dots become an abstract secondary identity that are used in playful ways, such as for website navigation buttons and animations. The visual identity was conceived to allow low cost production of all elements. For example, the letterhead can be printed with a template that transforms it into a brochure.

Summers Floral Woollahra

Summers Floral private branding / identity
Trigger re-branded Summers Floral, transforming it from a dowdy, downmarket florist into a sophisticated vibrant business with an original and credible brand presence. Trigger undertook a business analysis and defined Summers Floral’s essential brand qualities – ‘beauty, truth and harmony’. Trigger also defined the three key segments of the business – local, bridal and business and created promotional strategies and design to engage these markets. Trigger created copywriting for the website and all promotional material, commissioned and art directed consummate lifestyle photographer Jennifer Soo to create brand imagery. The new brand was applied across all collateral including: signage, website, gift cards, promotional, postcards, brochure, gift tags for floral arrangements, wrapping, ribbon, financial collateral, stationery, among other items. Sensitivity to materials was essential to compliment and support the brand. Texture, a sympathetic colour palette and a preference for ‘honest’, natural materials ensured that all collateral was successfully realised.

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