17th Biennale of Sydney

Biennale of Sydney arts print / publication
Trigger, partnered with Barnbrook Design (UK) and some of the worlds leading artists to create an unforgettable visitor experience across Sydney in May, June, July and August in 2010. Trigger applied Barnbrook Design’s brand concept to promotional, environmental and print material. The print material involved the design of: print advertising across newspapers and international media, a visitor guide book, invitations, packaging, student newspapers and an annual report. Trigger was also involved in the design of onsite facilities such as ‘Education Hubs’, merchandise stores and designed wayfinding across the city and for Cockatoo Island.

Original concept by Barnbrook Design

Shigeru Ban Publication

Shigeru Ban & TW architecture print / publication
Trigger designed a specialised collaborative project publication for Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and Australian firm Toland Williams Architects. The publication features a unique woven paper cover and custom made box conceptualized by Trigger and brought to life by paper engineer Benja Harni. The idea for the piece reflects Shigeru Ban’s reputation as ‘the paper architect’ and references his innovative use of materials.

Monet and the Impressionists

Art Gallery of New South Wales arts print / publication
Trigger was commissioned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales to design promotional material for its major Summer 08/09 exhibition - 'Monet and the Impressionists'. The shimmering light and myriad of colours that define paintings of this period inspired the design. A dual cool/warm colour palette was used to ensure the design complimented any artwork used for marketing purposes. The campaign encompassed citylight posters, banner and a range of advertising and printed collateral.

Bunda Catalogue 2008

Bunda private print / publication
Trigger art directed photography and design for the Bunda Fine Jewels Couture catalogue, 2008. The annual catalogue captures the beauty and distinct point of view of this Australian luxury brand. Trigger’s theme for this edition was the evocation of a dream-like state and drawing focus to the inspiration behind the design and the resultant fluid beauty of the jewellery. Photography features surreal and intriguing reflections of key pieces in water complimented with inspiration thoughts about ‘beauty’. The catalogue also features jewellery pieces photographed on black reflective glass – continuing the theme of reflection.

16th Biennale of Sydney

Biennale of Sydney arts print / publication
Trigger created a very successful and highly visible campaign for the 16th Biennale of Sydney in 2008, one of the largest and oldest art biennales in the world. Trigger worked closely with the Artistic Director to ensure the visual identity communicated the themes of the exhibition, and the Biennale marketing department on strategy and production. The marketing campaign targeted the ‘general public’ and ‘art lovers’ markets respectively with specific messages in a cohesive visual campaign. Trigger designed and rolled out all outdoor and advertising, brochure, publications, books and invitations including a special preview publication for the Venice Biennale. Trigger designed press advertising in a national campaign which included The Sydney Morning Herald, The Weekend Australian, The Monthly, Time out Sydney and many international arts publications. Trigger also created environmental graphics across all Biennale site such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Cockatoo Island, The Botanic Gardens and Artspace as well as street banners and posters.

Yinjaa Barni Catalogue

Yinjaa Barni Community arts print / publication
Trigger designed the catalogue for an exhibition of Yinjaa Baarni artists' work exhibited at Chalkhorse Gallery in Sydney. This art collective is from the Ngarluma/Yinjaa Baarni communities in the Pilbara, Western Australia. One of the aims of the catalogue was to contextualise these Aboriginal works within the contemporary framework of the gallery, as this was the first exhibition of Aboriginal works that the gallery has shown. The exhibition, in July 2009, was a major success, with all works being sold on the opening night. Further exhibitions are planned for the coming years. The large-scale catalogue has become a collector's item.

Powerline Magazine

Powerhouse Museum museum print / publication
‘Powerline’ is a visually alluring publication with a design focus. The clean, crisp design showcases the pictorial and written content of the magazine. Trigger's mission has been to create a consistently high quality publication and ensure that every issue resonates with the reader. Thoughtful art direction of Powerline has enhanced its reputation as a lively and accessible read for all Powerhouse members. At the outset of designing Powerline, Trigger undertook an editorial audit and reorganisation in close collaboration with the editor, ensuring that design was not a superficial stylistic varnish but an intrinsic part of the fibre of the publication. The design of Powerline has enhanced and extended the visual direction of the Powerhouse Museum’s identity – the Museum has incorporated graphic elements into the Museum's master identity.

Marc Newson: Design works

Marc Newson & Powerhouse Museum museum print / publication
Trigger worked with iconic Australian designer Richard Allan to develop the visual identity for the Powerhouse Museum’s exhibition ‘Marc Newson: Design Works’, a retrospective of the famous designer’s work. The design features a profile portrait of Newson against a background of stars, referencing the designer’s reputation as a design ‘rock star’. Trigger was responsible for developing and applying the identity across all areas of environmental, print and advertising. Trigger also designed all exhibition graphics including a 20 metre graphic feature wall which charts Newson’s journey through his sketches and landmark design achievements.

Summers Floral Woollahra

Summers Floral private print / publication
Trigger re-branded Summers Floral, transforming it from a dowdy, downmarket florist into a sophisticated vibrant business with an original and credible brand presence. Trigger undertook a business analysis and defined Summers Floral’s essential brand qualities – ‘beauty, truth and harmony’. Trigger also defined the three key segments of the business – local, bridal and business and created promotional strategies and design to engage these markets. Trigger created copywriting for the website and all promotional material, commissioned and art directed consummate lifestyle photographer Jennifer Soo to create brand imagery. The new brand was applied across all collateral including: signage, website, gift cards, promotional, postcards, brochure, gift tags for floral arrangements, wrapping, ribbon, financial collateral, stationery, among other items. Sensitivity to materials was essential to compliment and support the brand. Texture, a sympathetic colour palette and a preference for ‘honest’, natural materials ensured that all collateral was successfully realised.


Roger Tait private print / publication
Consummate fashion designer Roger Tait commissioned Trigger to create a visual identity and a bespoke book to promote his point of view and unique career. The identity highlights Tait’s focus on tailoring and the importance of ‘making’. The book tells the Tait story through a mix of iconic Tait designs, such as the latex dress designed and made for ‘The Matrix’ films, and whimsical, historical etchings and illustrations. The book possesses a fabric slip cover, which the Tait logotype is physically sewn into with thread and the binding is stitched, reinforcing the bespoke tailoring theme.

Amicus Sydney

Amicus museum print / publication
Each year an event for top financial planners - a group know as 'Amicus' - is held. Trigger's "Paper Scissors Rock' concept communicated dual business and social messages and involved the creation of bespoke paper sculptures. For business a clean sheet of 'paper' is the starting point for a visionary, 'scissors' symbolise 'making the cut' and 'rock' symbolises strength and security. For the social events each of the three themes was given a fun twist. Photographs used for each invitation were 'teasers' for each event. An image of diamond constructed from paper gave delegates and their partners clues for the final secret event where they were invited to try on precious stones and pose for a fashion photographer at Cerrone Fine Jewels. Trigger strategised, conceptualised, designed and produced all printed items including programs and invitations, and wrote all copy connected with the theme. The event was a major success, the concept capturing the imagination of all involved.

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