A Capital Collection

National Capital Authority government exhibition / interpretive
'A Capital Collection – Our History in Fashion' examines the story of Canberra through fashion. Four key moments in Canberra's history are interpreted in this travelling exhibition. The exhibition design creates a ‘landscape’, both physically and contexturally, a mix of elegantly curved sculptural forms, key images and messages. The aim is to communicate historical stories within a contemporary framework.
Open display was an important design component, allowing greater engagement between visitors and objects. The floor carries graphic arcs that visually represent 'story arcs' and set the position of the illuminated curved screens. This visual language subtley echoes the distinctive town planning of Canberra. Although more correctly the shape Canberra’s town plan is based on is the ‘triangle’, many would relate and identify with the circular motif of the city. The exhibition contains a number of innovative design ideas. Most striking are the slender illuminated screens. Their creation involved a very complex set of design and construction issues, belying their visual simplicity. The screens are a design, lighting and engineering achievement not seen before in exhibition design.
The exhibition architecture also functions as its crating system. Therefore the exhibition requires no storage - an important innovation that allows the exhibition to travel to more destinations. The exhibition can be reconfigured to fit in a variety of different sized spaces. For one location it splits into two sections. A bespoke table design for a series of iPads, showing audio visual content, is also part of the exhibition.

Curators: Roslyn Hull, Pamela Owen Architect: Carola Salazar, Project Management: Rob Tindal, Melanie Dodd

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