Amicus Sydney

Amicus private branding / identity
Each year an event for top financial planners - a group know as 'Amicus' - is held. Trigger's "Paper Scissors Rock' concept communicated dual business and social messages and involved the creation of bespoke paper sculptures. For business a clean sheet of 'paper' is the starting point for a visionary, 'scissors' symbolise 'making the cut' and 'rock' symbolises strength and security. For the social events each of the three themes was given a fun twist. Photographs used for each invitation were 'teasers' for each event. An image of diamond constructed from paper gave delegates and their partners clues for the final secret event where they were invited to try on precious stones and pose for a fashion photographer at Cerrone Fine Jewels. Trigger strategised, conceptualised, designed and produced all printed items including programs and invitations, and wrote all copy connected with the theme. The event was a major success, the concept capturing the imagination of all involved.

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