Baitlayers and Babbling Brooks

Shear Outback Museum museum exhibition / interpretive
Trigger was commissioned to design a travelling exhibition investigating Shearer’s Cooks – the folklore of the shearers cook profession; its history; conditions in the cookhouse, now and in the past; the Cook’s role in looking after the physical and emotional well being of the shearers; the cooks working today; and the type of food prepared. To help evoke the atmosphere of shearers’ cooks working conditions in the exhibition design materials in their natural state were used and the geometry seen in many shearing sheds was referenced. A table laden with photographic food images displays the typical amount of food one shearer would consume in a day and simulates a typical table setting. Overcoming budget restraints required design ingenuity in the design. Inspiration and direction was derived from the philosophies and practices of shearers’ cooks – using available and cost effective materials and tools in inventive ways. Triangular shapes cut out of the structural plywood panels removed more than 50% of the exhibition’s weight, whilst maintaining rigidity, making the exhibition lighter and less expensive to transport. The innovative concertina design of the exhibition allowed much of the structures to be folded up and stored flat for transport. Typography was developed from a study of stencilling on wool bales and was hand stencilled to the image panels.

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