Mt Talowla

National Parks and Wildlife Service government exhibition / interpretive
Toorale National Park comprises of 91,000 hectares of land with frontages to the Darling and Warrego Rivers. The park is located southwest of the township of Bourke in northwestern NSW.
Trigger, in collaboration with GML Heritage engaged with stakeholders, such as the Aboriginal Joint Management Committee, to conceive an Interpretation Plan and provide a range of innovative interpretative design concepts to create an experience that inspires and engages visitors.
Our multi-disciplinary team employed an interconnected approach to this project, comprising physical, digital and program layers. The layers form complementary and unique experiences for visitors before, during and after the visit. Communicating the heritage values of the park through the interpretive design and content, as well as via marketing initiatives, was integral to the strategy.
Trigger is implementing interpretive concepts over a 3 year period. Stage 1 physical interpretives installed in the park include are located at Mt Talowla and beside the Darling River.
A series of 11 bespoke cast bronze plaques at Mt Talowla interprets the site’s history as a vantage point for looking out across the landscape for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. The 270º views allow a visual connection between Toorale National Park and adjoining Gundabooka National Park. Installing interpretation at ground level evokes the importance of the shared earth and the landscape – we must bend to it, not it to us.

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