The 80s are Back

Powerhouse Museum museum branding / identity
The brand identity Trigger conceptualised for ‘The 80s Are Back’ referenced quintessential 80s motifs and made them relevant for a contemporary audience. For instance, the campaign embraced graphic elements from the Powerhouse Museum’s former logo, designed in the 80s, as well as other 80’s touchstones. Trigger named the exhibition, conceptualised and art directed all photography and illustration. Trigger created 5 archetypal characters that featured in the exhibition as life-size moving projections and were utilised through out the marketing campaign. Campaign collateral and tasks extended to copywriting, environmental design, print and web graphics, merchandise design, staff uniform design and design of iphone applications. The brand identity for the marketing campaign dovetailed with the exhibition that Trigger also designed, in association with Toland Architects. The presence of Trigger over all exhibition and marketing design, and its unique collaborative relationship with the Powerhouse Museum, helped to create a compelling brand experience. The exhibition was extended three times due to popular demand.

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