The Wiggles Exhibition

The Powerhouse Museum museum exhibition / interpretive
Trigger designed educational, interactive and entertaining environmental graphics for 'The Wiggles Exhibition' travelling exhibition in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum. The major design challenge was presenting appropriate content within an environment that is engaging for children and adults, together and independently. The Wiggles exhibition is two interwoven exhibitions, one for children with opportunities to discover, play and interact and one for the adults who will accompany them, essentially telling the story of The Wiggles’ career. Trigger worked extensively with the Powerhouse Museum’s ‘Family and Community Experiences’ team to ensure that the design was consistent with the principles of early childhood education. The Wiggles core brand values - ‘fun, inclusiveness and learning’ inform the exhibition’s entertaining and educational graphics. Trigger was also involved in developing the marketing and media campaign for the exhibition.

Photography by Marinco Kojdanovski, courtesy of PHM

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