Yanga: People, Country, Lake

National Parks and Wildlife Service government exhibition / interpretive
Yanga was an iconic pastoral station, known across the Riverina district from the 1850s. The property was the largest freehold title in Australia before it was purchased by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in 2005. In May 2009 Yanga National Park opened to visitors.
As part of Yanga National Park, People, Lake, Country explores the pervasive interaction between nature and culture. The exhibition connects memory, history and place through what has been a focal point for the area – water. The exhibition is a feature of the Yanga Homestead Precinct and is installed in the Cook’s Cottage building. It houses and displays Yanga’s movable heritage.
The innovative exhibition design uses simple and honest forms that are thematically appropriate and sit lightly within the heritage building; they provide a sense of openness and space in three small rooms. Clever use of soft spotlighting, a colour palette drawn from the lake-bed and innovative use of audio visuals helps create individual atmospheres for each room. Trigger conceived the renovation of the cottage interior, and designed the exhibition and all graphics.

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