'Library' Space

Johnson and Johnson Medical private environmental
Previously an under-utilised dark thoroughfare space in a heritage building at Johnson and Johnson Medical’s Australian headquarters, Trigger worked with PMDL Architects to transform the space into a large flexible zone used by staff for meetings and as a series of smaller breakout zones. As part of this transformation to a lively, yet reflective space, befitting its location as the epicentre of the building and the historical core of the headquarters, Trigger consulted on the interior design and designed a super-graphic to cover all walls. The aim of the graphic was to encourage creative thought and provide an uplifting experience for the rooms users, in tune with the Johnson & Johnson Medical credo. The mural plays on the idea of the room as a contemporary ‘library’ space – tranquil but with a playful edge. Inspiring stories from people Johnson and Johnson have over its long history helped are typeset in the forms of ‘flying’ books. The graphics are free, loose and not over-branded, and use the white space of the walls as a canvas. Typographic forms flow seamlessly over cornices and architraves and ‘float’ in the double height void area at the entrance to the buildings.

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