Rado House

Rado private environmental
Trigger's approach to wayfinding signage design is that it should look effortless, weightless and not include any unnecessary elements. We created internal and external way finding for the Rado House building, in Surry Hills, a 4 level structure that serves as headquarters for 3 creative businesses. To address the constraints of the small lobby area and the labyrinth like building we configured the signage to 'hug' the existing contours of the building. The main directory signage playfully swivels about a support column, belying its solid steel construction. The swivelling technique also provides more accurate wayfinding for visitors in a confusing space with many movement options.

The external signage, also made from steel, kinks to reference the building's heritage as a factory for pleating fabric. Using hidden fastenings, we configured this sign to float within the existing space created by the I-beam lintel above the main entrance. In the evening lighting enhances the weightless look of the signage.

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