The Snakeman Show

Office of Environment and Heritage government exhibition / interpretive
The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), National Parks and Wildlife Service commissioned Trigger to revitalise the Snakeman exhibition in the Laperouse Museum, Sydney. The resulting 'The Snakeman Show' traces the unique lives of the daring Snakeman (and Snakewomen) who have dazzled audiences at La Perouse and elsewhere in Australia for over a century. The exhibition is comprised of a series of specially designed wall mounted light-boxes, featuring astonishing photographs and displaying objects, telling the story of the performers and the impact they had on the consciousness of a country.

Thank you to John Cann, Marie Slaight, Adrian Brannan, Chee Lam, Ben Khan, Mary Lou Harriman, Phil Antonios, Signwave Newtown and Gosia Dudek for their contributions to this project.

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